In case you missed them, here are a few of our newer episodes that you might not have seen:

Magic (1978)
Starring a very young Anthony Hopkins, Ann-Margret and Fats the incredibly creepy ventriloquist doll. We follow Corky (Hopkins) on his rise to fame via magic and voice throwing and his inevitable freak out causing him to flee for his hometown. He meets up with an old flame and MAGIC happens! Just not in the lovey-dovey way you’d expect. Did we mention how creepy Fats the doll is? Will this movie earn a favorite spot on the list? Or will it be hit over the head repeatedly and left for dead
The Invisible Man (2020)
Will this movie pass our very vigorous rating process? Or will it just fade away?
The Horror Show (1989)
Can a sweaty Lance Henriksen defeat a comically evil and hilariously dead serial killer? Or will he and his family be destroyed?
ST. PATRICK’S DAY SPECIAL: Grabbers (2012)
TOP O’ THE EVENIN’ TO YA! We on ES@3AM decided to celebrate St Patty’s Day a little different this year. With some Corned Beef, some Guinness and some fun scares. We are reviewing the movie GRABBERS (2012)! When aliens attack a small Irish town, the only thing that can save the residents is to make their blood completely toxic to the extraterrestrial foes by downing as much booze as they can! Let’s be honest, this movie is going to be enjoyable because we’ve been drinking.

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