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John and Mandi pull out their flashlights and grab some silver goo for 1991’s THE RESURRECTED. When a young wife calls on a detective to find out why her hubby is acting oddly, our intrepid gumshoe is thrown headlong down a 200 year old mystery. And as the bodies being to pile up, it will take all his wits to make it out alive. Can he (and we) detect our way through Hole Bodies, Humperdink head ripping and skele-splosions?


Mandi and John hide all the flower vases and try to hold on to their wine glasses for 2022’s SMILE. When a doctor tries to help a troubled young woman, she is horrified when that patient dies. But when the horrifying creature her patient screamed of starts to follow the doctor, she will do everything she can to escape it. Can she (and we) scream our way through Face Peeling Kumar, bendy neck siblings, or literal hammer time?


ESat3AM puts on their Santa hats and gets ready for holiday hi-jinks with 2010’s THE TRAVELER. When a mysterious stranger walks into a police station on Christmas Eve, the officers on duty do their best to process him. But as strange events play out and the body count rises, the stranger may have more about him than anyone knows. Can the officers (and we) survive looped torture playbacks, tongue cutting in the 8th dimension, and door exploded by Elvis?


Mandi and John grab their camcorders and get their grave diggin’ shovels ready for 2009’s DEADLINE. When a troubled woman goes to an empty house to concentrate on her writing, she begins to wonder if she’s truly alone. But as tensions mount and the clues to the homes haunted history are revealed, she discovers she might not be the only person in the house after all. Can she (and we) screen write our way through troublesome telephone calls, malicious magnetic tape and the terror of the tub?


Mandi and John take a listener request this week for 1981’s HELL NIGHT. 4 pledges must spend the night alone in a mansion with a dark history. But when that history comes back to haunt them, they’ll need to use everything they have to survive. Can they (and we) haze our way through multiple malicious murderers, pernicious pledge prankers and the lethargy of local law enforcement?


John and Mandi grab their lock picks and put on their life jackets for 1998’s DEEP RISING. When a delivery captain and his crew take mercenaries to a cruise ship, they think they might have bitten off more than they can chew. But after coming aboard and seeing the blood-stained walls, they’re sure of it. Can they (and we) repair our way through touchy tentacles, ax happy owners and inconveniently explodable speedboats?


Mandi and John put limes in their diet cherry cola and put their hair in a side ponytail for 2022’s MY BEST FRIEND’S EXORCISM. When two best friends spend the weekend at lake side retreat, they think nothing of taking drugs and walking into the creepy abandoned satanist house. But when something bad does befall them and follows them back to their lives, it’s up to one of them to save the other. Can she (and we) exorcise the demon while contending with tubular tapeworms, awesome anaphylactic episodes and totally rad ‘roid ragers for the Lord?


John and Mandi wear their protective gear and mix up a batch of pancakes for 2002’s CABIN FEVER. When five friends go to a cabin in the woods they have a chance encounter with a ill hermit and drive him off. But when they become sick, it’s a race against time to see if they can survive. Can they (and we) drink our way though derpy deputies, kick flipping karate kids, and delicious lemonade?


ESAT3AM would like to wish you a Happy Halloween with 2005’s BOOGEYMAN. A young boy sees for himself that sometimes monsters do hide in the closet. Now a man, he returns home to face his fears and end his terror once and for all. Can he (and we) countdown our way through killer crows, eerie electroballs and deadly dolls?